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[texts]Folkscanomy Electronics Articles: Testing Motrons Transmitter Fingerprinter
Folkscanomy Electronics Articles: Testing Motrons Transmitter Fingerprinter
Keywords: repeater; frequency; rigs; audio; transmitter; prints; fingerprints; amateur; discriminator; fingerprint; amateur radio; radio today; audio demod
Downloads: 34
[texts]Folkscanomy Electronics Articles: Build The Montreal Fox Controller
Folkscanomy Electronics Articles: Build The Montreal Fox Controller
Keywords: pic; fox; montreal; dip; callsign; switches; circuit; iaru; keying; dip switches; amateur radio; montreal fox; radio today
Downloads: 30
[texts]73 Magazine (November 1990)
73 Magazine November 1990 (#362) The Roll-Up 10-20 Antenna - Just right for portable QRP ...... WV8R 12 Working the World with 2 Milliwatts - The ultimate QRP challenge ...... KI6DQ 14 The FIRE-BALL QRP Rig - 50 milliwatts of pure power ...... WB8ELK 18 The Firecaler Milliwattmeter - Calibrate your mini-QRP rig ...... WB0ESV 22 The Smoke Detector Receiver - Turn the FIRE-BALL into a complete transceiver ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; antenna; mhz; ham; repeater; meter; power; amateur radio; radio today; feedback card; ham radio; power supply; front panel
Downloads: 2,713
[texts]73 Magazine (October 1992)
73 Magazine October 1992 (#385) Packet on the Mac - Connect with the world without a TNC ...... KD6CMT 8 A 2 Meter FET Amplifier for Your Handheld - Build this simple, inexpensive amplifier ...... AA4AW 20 A New Look at Loop Antennas - Adding regeneration to ferrite-core and open-wire box loops ...... W2IMB 28 Baby Loopy - A half-wave, inductively-loaded loop ...... NH6XK 34 Noise Reduction Using Broadband Active Whip Antennas - Clear reception for the VLF/LF bands ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; antenna; mhz; ihe; packet; ham; power; meter; amateur radio; radio today; feedback card; packet radio; ham radio; power supply; circuit board; serial port
Downloads: 3,230
[texts]73 Magazine (August 1997)
73 Magazine August 1997 (#443) A Free Repeater, Free HTs and Some Good Ol' PR - Would your employer pitch in? ...... WA9PYH 10 Figuring RF Exposure - New standards can help avoid potential hazards ...... W6YBT 16 Antennas for Amateur Television, Part 2 - See Part 1 in July's 73 ...... K0NM 17 Negative Resistance RF Pre-Selector - An easy way to soup up that old superhet ...... W2GOM/7 Emergency Communications - The only salvation for ham radio? ........
Keywords: antenna; radio; amateur; frequency; signal; ham; receiver; ihe; hams; amateur radio; radio today; ham radio; feedback card; negative resistance; flea market; air force; power supply
Downloads: 1,932
[texts]73 Magazine (April 1991)
73 Magazine April 1991 (#367) Artificial RF Ground - Maximize your antenna's efficiency ...... KB4ZGC 10 The ESV Mod Quad - Inexpensive performer for any band from 50 through 1296 MHz ...... WB0ESV 14 Collinear for Two Meters - An inexpensive, efficient antenna ...... G3YCC 24 Simple SupeRX - A super-small superhet for 80, 40, or 30m ...... WA6IVC 26 Pocket-Portable Seven-Band Antenna - It's cheap, easy-to-build, and effective ........
Keywords: antenna; radio; amateur; mhz; ham; repeater; wire; meter; frequency; amateur radio; radio today; feedback card; ham radio; power supply; carolina windom; flea market; mod quad
Downloads: 2,332
[texts]73 Magazine (March 1995)
73 Magazine March 1995 (#414) A Practical Weather Satellite Receiving System, Part 1 - Set up your own satellite receiver/decoder ...... ZRBUM 10 HF-5AT Antenna - An easy-to-build dual-band HF satellite antenna ...... AC3L 24 Grounding and lightning Protection, Part 2 - Effective RF grounding for the shack ...... W5UOJ 26 The Azden PCS-7200 - A solid 222 MHz mobile transceiver ...... WB2WIK/6 32 Ham University Interactive - Learn code and theory, and play CW games ........
Keywords: radio; mhz; amateur; antenna; ham; frequency; mfj; output; repeater; amateur radio; radio today; ham radio; feedback card; weather satellite; morse code; case set; power supply
Downloads: 2,229
[texts]73 Magazine (August 1992)
73 Magazine August 1992 (#383) The ViewPort VGA Color SSTV System - At last- a versatile slow-scan TV program and interface for the IBM PC ...... KA2PYJ 8 The Compact-A-Loop Antenna - 80 meters for the apartment dweller ...... G2BZQ 18 ATV Transmitter, Part I - Get on ATV easily and cheaply ...... K2MQJ, KA2CWL 22 The Explorer - HF receiver for 40 and 80 meters ...... K5WMS 30 Digital ALC - A simple way to get the best out of any transmitter ......N7APE 36 A Frequency Counter Upgrade - Accuracy ...
Keywords: amateur; mhz; radio; antenna; ihe; frequency; fax; audio; ham; amateur radio; radio today; power supply; feedback card; ham radio; antenna tuner; radio shack; ground plane
Downloads: 2,022
[texts]73 Magazine (January 1992)
73 Magazine January 1992 (#376) The Dual-Combo Field-Strength and Source Dip Meter - Versatile test instruments for all your RF projects ...... WB0ESV 8 Safety Power Breaker for the Test Bench - Avoid a shocking experience ...... WA1FHB 18 An Improved Crystal Tester - Check out those surplus crystals with this portable circuit ...... KA4J 22 Build a Function Generator - An inexpensive way to generate useful waveforms ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; mhz; antenna; meter; repeater; frequency; electronics; amateur radio; radio today; call call; power supply; feedback card; ham radio; staff staff; flea market
Downloads: 2,538
[texts]73 Magazine (April 1998)
73 Magazine April 1998 (#451) De-Noising your PC - Cure the transmitter in your PC ...... WA9PYH 11 Modifying Your Ramsey Transceiver Kit - One stop closer to the ultimate ham experience ...... N0BLX 18 Out of Sight, Out of Mind - Discretion is the better part of neighborhood amity. Part 2: Hardware ...... WB4BNU 20 Techno-Trouble for Know-It-Alls - How many of these 50 questions can you answer correctly? ........
Keywords: antenna; radio; amateur; voltage; mhz; frequency; output; loop; power; amateur radio; radio today; feedback card; power supply; output voltage; flea market; single point; web site
Downloads: 1,842
[texts]73 Magazine (October 1997)
73 Magazine October 1997 (#445) Surface Mount Devices - Everything you didn't want to -but should -know ...... W6WTU 10 El Cheapo - Rub shoulders with the big boys on 20 meters, without shelling out megabucks! ...... 4X1MK 15 APRS Network Guidelines - 20 tips for increasing efficiency ...... W9IF 19 Phased Trapped Verticals for HF - Simple ideas, simple to build ...... KD7FY 21 Simple Signal Injector/Tracer - Troubleshooting made easy ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; antenna; ham; signal; mhz; power; solder; digital; amateur radio; radio today; feedback card; ham radio; pet ham; local loop; power supply; morse code
Downloads: 1,953
[texts]73 Magazine (October 1998)
73 Magazine October 1998 (#457) The Ins and Outs of Surface-Mount - Everything you need to know to get started or get better ...... Davidson 10 The Ideal Log? - This computer-style card file may be for you ...... W6BNB 21 Intro to Superhets - Part 3: Accessories and conclusion ...... W6WTU 26 G'Day, OM! - On the road with the first-ever all-ham RV tour of Australia and New Zealand ...... N5MFG 30 Meeting Your Match - The fine points of understanding matching networks ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; smd; ihe; power; thai; voltage; ham; antenna; amateur radio; radio today; field day; ham radio; duty cycle; power supply; phase shift; web site
Downloads: 1,860
[texts]73 Magazine (July 1995)
73 Magazine July 1995 (#418) Dish Antenna for Weather Satellite Images - Build your own 5-loot parabolic dish for 1691 MHz ...... WA9PYH 10 A low Noise Amplifier for 1691 MHz - Build this LNA for weather satellite reception ...... WA9PYH 20 Sailing with Ham and Marine Radio Equipment - Carry ham and marine systems aboard without permanent installation ...... WB6NOA 26 2 Meter Collinear Vertical Antenna - Build almost 6dB of gain for almost $10 ........
Keywords: radio; antenna; ham; amateur; mhz; meter; ihe; marine; power; vhf; amateur radio; radio today; feedback card; ham radio; case set; marine vhf; matching case; radio shack
Downloads: 1,932
[texts]73 Magazine (October 1995)
73 Magazine October 1995 (#421) The QRP Delight - A full-featured antenna tuner with built-in SWR meter ...... AD5X 10 DDS Dream VFO - Yes, you can build your own synthesizer! ...... KD1JV 14 Portable Solar Electric Power Generator - The sun is free for the using ...... K4SYU 20 Armstrong Updated - A high-performance, regenerative short-wave receiver ...... KC3ZQ 26 Link it All! - Why settle for operation on just two bands? ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; ham; mhz; frequency; antenna; repeater; receiver; hams; amateur radio; radio today; ham radio; feedback card; case set; matching case; solar panel; mars base
Downloads: 2,777
[texts]73 Magazine (January 1991)
73 Magazine January 1991 (#364) High Precision Frequency Standard - Use your TV set as a laboratory standard ...... Johnson 9 Scrounger's Guide to Recycled Electronics - Discover a gold mine of inexpensive parts ...... W5FG 22 An HF/VHF/UHF Marker Generator - Get on frequency for less than $10 ...... K84ZGC 27 A Parallel Port I/O Board - Control your world! ...... VE6BGL 29 The Three-Terminal Regulator - Multiple uses in one package ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; antenna; mhz; frequency; ham; output; tor; amateur radio; radio today; ham radio; feedback card; power supply; center conductor; rose parade; radio club
Downloads: 2,110
[texts]73 Magazine (January 2000)
73 Magazine January/Feb 2000 (#471) New Millennium Wish List - A budget-conscious guide to exploring new amateur radio horizons ...... K4TWJ 10 Buffalo Springs Lake Half-Ironman Triathlon - Ham PR at its best ...... KC5VKB 14 Junk Box Audio Test Generator - This scavenged helper is easy to build and fun to use ...... Sellen 22 Read All About It! - Part 2 of good stuff from The Hertzian Herald ........
Keywords: radio; mhz; amateur; frequency; meter; qrp; ham; antenna; noise; power; amateur radio; radio today; noise figure; ham radio; web site; feedback card; low power; ten meter; flea market
Downloads: 2,007
[texts]73 Magazine (February 1998)
73 Magazine February 1998 (#449) Wouldn't You Really Rather Drive A BUIC? - The Basic Universal Interface Circuit ties your computer to your rig. Part 1: hardware ...... K8KWD 10 Tutorial and Tester for JFETs - Big learning from a little project ...... W2GOM/7 16 All-Copper 17 Meter X-Beam - A nearby hardware store, a free afternoon ...... WA2UGT 21 Preparing for the Big One - Don't get caught short in a disaster! ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; antenna; ham; circuit; voltage; february; oscillator; frequency; amateur radio; radio today; ham radio; power supply; feedback card; morse code; flag delta; web site
Downloads: 1,846
[texts]73 Magazine (December 1991)
73 Magazine December 1991 (#375) The Simple TX TX - The perfect companion for the SupeRX receiver! ...... WA6IVC 10 Project INSPIRE: A Space Shuttle Experiment - Build a simple receiver to explore the wonders of the 60,000 meter band! ...... KG6EK 22 The QUAG-V - A high performance and wide bandwidth antenna for VHF and UHF ...... WB3AYW 36 Computerized Tuning for Ramsey Receiver Kits - It doesn't have to be expensive ........
Keywords: amateur; radio; mhz; antenna; frequency; ham; repeater; receiver; amateur radio; radio today; power supply; feedback card; ham radio; high speed; call call
Downloads: 3,311
[texts]73 Magazine (March 1998)
73 Magazine March 1998 (#450) Truckez-Vous Mon Boat? - Ham friends to the rescue for Voyageur ...... N4UAU 10 Wouldn't You Really Rather Drive A BUIC? - Part 2: software for your interface circuit ...... K8KWD 17 Getting High the Ham Way - Adventures in ATV rocketry ...... KB9MRB 23 High Impedance Analog Volt/Test Meter - Here's a useful gadget to build while you wait for spring! ...... W6WTU 26 Amazin' Hall Tree Vertical - Grab your coat and take your hat ........
Keywords: antenna; radio; amateur; meter; frequency; ham; mhz; power; antennas; amateur radio; radio today; ham radio; web site; power supply; morse code; tte filter; full scale
Downloads: 1,822
[texts]73 Magazine (August 1995)
73 Magazine August 1995 (#419) Tube TNC - A packet breakthrough! ...... W0XI 10 VE7PMR Solar-Powered Packet Node - Is packet worth nearly freezing on a mountain? Sure! ...... VE7VMS 12 19,200-Baud Packet - A simple way to do it ...... WB9JTK 16 RF Speech Processing - How to get an extra 6 to 9 dB of talk power on SSB ...... VK3CA 24 Working the Final Frontier - Ideas for a fun and easy ham space program ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; antenna; mhz; packet; output; power; ham; radio today; amateur radio; ham radio; cold fusion; packet radio; remote control; power supply; feedback card
Downloads: 2,181
[texts]73 Magazine (February 2003)
73 Magazine February 2003 (#507) Cheap & Easy Portable HF Vertical - Try this medium-weight, sturdy, neat, visually pleasing, fun to use ...... K8MKB 10 Troubleshooting Computer Power Supplies - Rule # 1: Be careful ...... W6WTU 14 Build This Simple SMT Station - Dinner and a movie? How about pizza and a project? ...... AA2JZ 23 How's That Thing Really Work, Anyway? - Part 1: Receivers ...... AA2JZ 25 Warblemania - and other QRP afflictions ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; antenna; power; mhz; voltage; frequency; laser; amateur radio; radio today; power supply; computer power; switching power; power supplies; web site; beam expander; ball lens; ham radio
Downloads: 2,058
[texts]73 Magazine (February 1996)
73 Magazine February 1996 (#425) Satellites, Weather Imagery, and Sunrayce '95 - There's an Indiana Jones in each of us ...... K8WPI 10 Souping Up a Surplus field Strength Meter - Increase the sensitivity of your ME-61/GRC field strength meter ...... AD5X 18 Microwaving on Monument Peak - The story behind our cover photo ...... WB6IGP 20 A Mobile Power Panel - Protect your vehicle and your rig ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; power; antenna; ihe; meter; mhz; ham; thai; amateur radio; radio today; feedback card; circuit board; power supply; cold fusion; ham radio; power output
Downloads: 1,918
[texts]73 Magazine (December 1997)
73 Magazine December 1997 (#447) Distributed Capacity Folded Loop - This ceiling-mount antenna will really go to your head! ...... W6NBC 10 How to Silverplate RF Tank Circuits - A simple and inexpensive process to reduce losses ...... WB2CQM 18 Build Your First Kit! - Just follow one hams simple advice ...... N0BLX 24 Limited Space Antenna - Short of real estate? This might help! ...... HL9BK/K2KSY 27 How to Build A Great Ham Club - Good advice from the PR master ........
Keywords: amateur; radio; antenna; loop; ihe; ham; circuit; solder; kit; amateur radio; radio today; special event; ham radio; web site; power supply; ground plane; copper pipe
Downloads: 4,498
[texts]73 Magazine (June 1992)
73 Magazine June 1992 (#381) 8,000 Channels for the Ramsey FX-146 - Add direct frequency input to this popular 2 meter transceiver ...... KG7BK 10 VE3CYC's Wire Beam - Versatile gain antenna for a limited space ...... VE3CYC 16 Touch-Tone Squelch - Remote speaker control with a DTMF decoder ...... VE3RGW 20 Build Your Own 20 Meter Transceiver - Work the world with this easy-to-build rig ...... WB6NKJ 26 The j-Com Ventriloquist - Throw your voice with the push of a button ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; antenna; mhz; frequency; repeater; dtmf; ham; amateur radio; radio today; ham radio; feedback card; logic high; wire beam; power supply; morse code
Downloads: 2,157
[texts]73 Magazine (January 1994)
73 Magazine January 1994 (#400) Using the World's Most Accurate Frequency Standard, Part 1 - Building a receiver for WWVB ...... K9EUI 10 Micro IDer - An easy-to-build automatic Morse code station identifier ...... KA9SZW, Pointer 18 The "Hula Loop" - A stationary bidirectional hybrid three-element delta loop ...... NH6XK 30 The Quad Charger - A constant current NiCd charger ...... K4GOK 34 EASY-PC Printed Circuit Layout Software - Want to get into computer-aided design (CAD)? ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; antenna; mhz; repeater; ham; power; frequency; amateur radio; radio today; power supply; ham radio; feedback card; matching case; case set; flea market
Downloads: 2,746
[texts]73 Magazine (February 1992)
73 Magazine February 1992 (#377) The Copper Cactus J-Pole - For 2m and 70cm ...... KE7AX 9 A Five-Component Wideband Amplifier for Your Receiver - Give your VHF receiver a boost! ...... K9EYY 12 An NE-602 RF Signal Generator - Useful test equipment from a versatile IC ...... Kerr 22 Colombian Expedition - Adventure in the Andes ...... KC4VLN 34 PVC Cubical Quad for 10 Meter -Build this $30 plumber's special! ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; mhz; antenna; frequency; repeater; ham; amateur radio; radio today; ham radio; radio shack; feedback card; hardware store; power supply; card circle
Downloads: 2,598
[texts]73 Magazine (October 1991)
73 Magazine October 1991 (#373) The Sudden Receiver - A simple-to-build receiver for 160-20M ...... G3RJV 8 A 10M Sideband Transmitter - Add voice to your QRP station ...... NZ5G 14 Simple Gain Antenna for 903 MHz - Build it for under $25 ...... AD5X 27 Microprocessor Repeater Controller, Part I - Add versatility to your repeater system ...... WB3ESS 28 Low-Pass Antenna Tuner - Match your antenna while reducing harmonics with this unique design ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; mhz; antenna; repeater; frequency; ham; amateur radio; radio today; ham radio; feedback card; repeater controller; power supply; regular sale; radio shack
Downloads: 2,209
[texts]73 Magazine (November 1992)
73 Magazine November 1992 (#386) The QRP 80/40 CW Sender - QRP power and QRP cost ...... G2BZQ 8 The Noise Remover - A simple, effective way to get rid of the static ...... K8MKB 12 An All-Band HF Mobile Antenna - Efficient and inexpensive ...... KC4TMT 18 Spread Spectrum Primer - What is spread spectrum, anyway? ...... KC6YJY 29 The JRL-2000 HF MOSFET Linear Amplifier - A solid-state, no-tune kilowatt with very advanced features ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; ihe; antenna; mhz; repeater; ham; frequency; spectrum; amateur radio; spread spectrum; radio today; feedback card; ham radio; power supply; field strength; packet radio
Downloads: 2,793
[texts]73 Magazine (April 2000)
73 Magazine April 2000 (#473) Morse Code -The Once and Future Mode - Will you outlive it -or vice versa? ...... N1FN 10 The Long-Lost Art of Conversational CW - Banging away for long chats can be fun -if you know what to say ...... WF6P 18 Make Copies of This Article - Then drop them off at your local school(s) ...... W8DYF 20 The Finger - Here's a positive way to respond when someone gives it to you ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; antenna; morse; april; ham; kit; mhz; ardf; amateur radio; radio today; morse code; ham radio; web site; high power; heavy duty; radio book; book shop
Downloads: 2,275
[texts]73 Magazine (July 1992)
73 Magazine July 1992 (#382) An Indoor or Window-Mounted Vertical Dipole - A floor-to-ceiling antenna for 10-20m ...... W3JIP 8 Six-Band Linear Trap Antenna - Multi-band operation without coils or capacitors ...... KB4ZGC 14 10 Meter DSB Transmitter - Easy to build and no tuning required ...... WA4ADG 18 Calibrated Signal Generator - An accurate RF source from 400 kHz to 33 MHz at the twist of a dial ........
Keywords: mhz; radio; antenna; amateur; ham; ihe; frequency; meter; amateur radio; radio today; ham radio; call call; feedback card; converter adapter; power supply; radio shack
Downloads: 2,052
[texts]73 Magazine (April 1992)
73 Magazine April 1992 (#379) The Arrow Antenna - Hit the bull's-eye with this portable VHF sharp shooter ...... KA0VFF/N0IMW 10 The Plumber's Delight - A new look for the J-pole! ...... KB6EPO 16 The Flower Pot Special - Plant your antenna! ...... N1GPH 18 The Rock Bender QRP Transmitter - Win QSOs and influence crystals ...... WI5W 22 Monoband Yagi for 20 Meters - More dBs for the buck ...... AB4GX 30 The SAM1 Transverter - For the challenge of LF/VLF ........
Keywords: antenna; amateur; mhz; frequency; meter; amateur radio; repeater; radio; feedback card; radio today; call call; matching case; power supply; flea market; ham radio
Downloads: 2,447
[texts]73 Magazine (February 1999)
73 Magazine February 1999 (#461) We Must Be Dreaming - A home-brew receiver project! ...... Duncan 10 LM- and BC-221 Frequency Multiplier - Generate detectable signals up to 1000 MHz ...... W6WTU 17 The Ultra-Simple 20 - The simplest solution to any problem is the best ...... G2BZQ 21 The Franklin VFO - A nifty chill-chasing project for the serious home-brewer ...... W4LJD 24 Mods for the OHR 100A - Here's how to make a popular QRP rig even better ........
Keywords: antenna; radio; amateur; frequency; mhz; circuit; kit; audio; receiver; amateur radio; radio today; power supply; feedback card; ham radio; local oscillator; peak circuit; web site
Downloads: 1,996
[texts]73 Magazine (March 1991)
73 Magazine March 1991 (#366) Packet with the Microsats - The secrets of success ...... KI6QE 9 Weather Satellite Reception - Dust off your unused scanner ...... N6NHP 12 The Desert Voices Project - An overnight success story ...... KA1UKM 18 Elementary Mode S - Satellite fun on 2.4 GHz-the easy way! ...... KA9LNV 21 Touch-Tone Activated Scanner - So you won' t miss a call! ...... AA7Y 30 Two Meter EME Primer - Your guide to moonbounce action! ........
Keywords: amateur; radio; antenna; mhz; ham; eme; frequency; amateur radio; radio today; feedback card; ham radio; power supply; desert voices; flea market; weather satellite
Downloads: 1,938
[texts]73 Magazine (February 1993)
73 Magazine February 1993 (#389) Fun at 10,000 MHz - Explore the wide open spaces of the 10 GHz microwave band ...... WB6NOA 10 The 23-Foot Indoor Antenna - Make an effective 20 and 80 meter apartment-owner antenna ...... G2BZQ 16 Accurate Low Cost VSWR Meter - Convert this CB accessory for 1.8-450 MHz operation ...... AD5X 18 An Effective 160 Meter Antenna - How to build one on a small residential lot ........
Keywords: radio; antenna; amateur; mhz; frequency; ham; meter; ghz; output; amateur radio; radio today; ham radio; feedback card; card circle; local oscillator; morse code; radio shack
Downloads: 2,148
[texts]73 Magazine (November 1991)
73 Magazine November 1991 (#374) Voice ID on a Chip - Throw your voice with this versatile Circuit ...... WB8ELK 11 Portable Frequency Counters - Versatile test equipment that you can really count on ...... WB6NOA 15 Half-Wave Gain Antenna - For 450 MHz handie talkies ...... AD5X 26 The Heli-Hat Antenna - An 18-inch wonder for 10-17 meters ...... KB4ZGC 32 Showdown in Portland - Discover the thrill of radiosporting ........
Keywords: antenna; radio; mhz; amateur; repeater; frequency; audio; ham; ihe; amateur radio; radio today; ham radio; feedback card; call call; audio board; power supplies; power supply
Downloads: 1,955
[texts]73 Magazine (October 1994)
73 Magazine October 1994 (#409) Battle of the Monobanders - Iron Mike slugs it out in the CAP arena ...... WB8VGE 10 The Traveler - A sweet home-brew receiver for 80! ...... K5WMS 14 Handy Randy - The tiny tag-along almost random wire tuner for QRP ...... W3RDF 34 Build the Quickie Cheapie Tener - Perhaps the easiest way to get a 1 watt CW rig for the 10 meter band ...... Veronese 36 The Capacity Tuned Folded Loop - A 1/3-wave, 7-foot, 20 meter antenna ........
Keywords: radio; mhz; amateur; antenna; frequency; ham; ihe; qrp; meter; amateur radio; radio today; feedback card; ham radio; case set; packet radio; frequency counter; dual band
Downloads: 2,225
[texts]73 Magazine (March 1992)
73 Magazine March 1992 (#378) Build a GaAsFET Preamp Sequencer - Mast-mount your preamp for maximum performance ...... WZ1V 8 Simple Pulsed Crystal Signal Source - Find the right frequency ...... KA1MJP 14 An ATV Downconverter with a Difference - Keep FM voice repeaters out of your picture ...... W9NTP 22 Using RS-12 - Work the world with this unique satellite ...... G3IOR 32 40/80 Meter Wave Ryder - A QRP tube transmitter powered by 12 volts DC ........
Keywords: mhz; radio; amateur; antenna; frequency; signal; power; ham; amateur radio; radio today; feedback card; ham radio; power supply; amateur satellite; matching case; field strength
Downloads: 1,892
[texts]73 Magazine (September 1994)
73 Magazine September 1994 (#408) Compact 160 Meter Transmitting Loop Antenna - You don't need to move to a new QTH! ...... G2BZQ 10 The Discriminator - A directional receiving antenna for hams and SWLs ...... G2BZO 16 Low-Cost Transmission Lines - What you don't know can cost you ...... K5DKZ 22 The Challenge of 1750 Meters - No license required ...... WD4PLI/6 36 The HOFI Antenna Switch - Quality at every turn ........
Keywords: radio; antenna; amateur; ham; repeater; amateur radio; meter; mhz; ham radio; radio today; feedback card; card circle; power supply; matching case; packet radio
Downloads: 1,941
[texts]73 Magazine (January 1996)
73 Magazine January 1996 (#424) The SP-10 "Senior Spider" Transceiver ...... WA8TXT 9 Low Cost Switching Power Supply For HF Transceivers ...... AD5X 16 Simple Mobile Protection ...... K8KWD 18 Going Public ...... WB2JNA 22 Tesla! ...... W8AHB 24 Telephone Flasher ...... W6ZZB 30 Free Electricity ...... WB8VGE 32 Kill Your Interference ...... WB2WIK/6 45 Add-On 2 Meter Receiver Selectivity ...... WA4BLC 38 Oak Hills OHR-400 4 Band QRP Kit ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; antenna; meter; ihe; power; ham; voltage; thai; amateur radio; radio today; power supply; feedback card; square wave; ham radio; today january; sine wave
Downloads: 1,925
[texts]73 Magazine (April 1993)
73 Magazine April 1993 (#391) Mini-Quad Loops - Three-fifths-size loops with full-size performance ...... NH6XK 10 Copper Dual-Band Super J-Pole Antenna - Build it in less than an hour ...... KA0NAN 12 HR2510 Hi-Power Modrtication - Increase the performance of this popular HF rig ...... Merrill 17 10 Meter X-Beam - Upgrade your antenna as well as your license ...... N5SJZ 18 Lightweight, Collapsible Quad for 2 Meters - Excellent performance in a small package ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; antenna; mhz; ham; frequency; tor; amateur radio; radio today; ham radio; packet radio; flea market; surface mount; card circle; matching case
Downloads: 2,260
[texts]73 Magazine (August 1991)
73 Magazine August 1991 (#371) Poor Man's Packet - A complete software TNC for PC compatibles! ...... WB2EMS, N8KEI 8 Low Cost Discone - Wideband coverage from 144 to 1296 MHz ...... AD5X 24 High Speed Data Acquisition - Sample the outside world with this inexpensive interface ...... N8KDD 28 Software for the Ham Shack, Part IV - Useful ham calculations you can program yourself! ...... WA4BLC 32 Universal CAT Interface - Control your rig with your computer! ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; ham; mhz; antenna; program; packet; frequency; amateur radio; radio today; ham radio; feedback card; radio shack; power supply; matching case; battery pack
Downloads: 2,292
[texts]73 Magazine (March 1994)
73 Magazine March 1994 (#402) Getting Started With Satellite Imagery - Enjoy a bird's-eye view using your PC and VHF rig ...... KO4BD 10 Using the World's Most Accurate Frequency Standard, Part 3 - Building a good secondary frequency standard ...... K9EUI 18 The TW-1 Cheap Dig ital Front Panel - Easy thumbwheel tuning for the Techno-Whizzy 1 ...... N9JZW 26 The FOXBOX - A voice ID T-hunt controller ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; mhz; antenna; repeater; ham; frequency; amateur radio; radio today; ham radio; feedback card; log amp; power supply; matching case; flea market
Downloads: 2,271
[texts]73 Magazine (November 1998)
73 Magazine November 1998 (#458) Build the Fox TTL Foxhunt Transmitter - Simple, inexpensive, and the end of your excuses for not trying T-hunting ...... AH2AR/8 10 The Evolution of Power Supplies - Part 1: dynamotors and vibrators ...... W6WTU 13 Surface Mount SW RF Booster - Easy-to-build design, plus high-pass filter to boot ...... Davidson 16 VHF/UHF Signal Source - There's always room for another piece of test equipment! ........
Keywords: ihe; amateur; radio; thai; signal; receiver; noise; antenna; frequency; amateur radio; radio today; power supplies; signal source; noise figure; power supply; web site; sine wave
Downloads: 2,185
[texts]73 Magazine (November 1999)
73 Magazine November 1999 (#469) Need a UHF Dipper? - Part 2: Coupling to an outside environment ...... W6WTU 10 Planning a DXpedition - Here's what to do if you take Wayne's advice ...... W4DC 14 Why No Beta-Morse? - An amusing way to preserve your Morse code ...... VE2MHZ 18 Building a Better Collins - Add this $1 solid state replacement part to your 30S1 ...... W2CQM 19 Isotron Notes - Simple tips straight from the Hart ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; loop; antenna; power; mhz; kit; thai; battery; amateur radio; radio today; sense loop; feedback card; morse code; ham radio; high power; web site; spread spectrum
Downloads: 2,608
[texts]73 Magazine (May 1992)
73 Magazine May 1992 (#380) Poor Ham's Dynamic Component Analyzer - Build your own Circuit detective ...... KA1MDA 8 Log Periodic Dipole Array for 2 Meters - Wideband performance in a small package ...... N2KLK 14 QRP Sidetone Companion - And part-time code practice oscillator ...... KI5AZ 18 The Copperback Beetle - A new type of "bug" ...... KI5AZ 20 Battery Watchdog - Keeps your battery up to snuff ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; antenna; mhz; frequency; repeater; call; khz; ham; amateur radio; call call; radio today; ham radio; feedback card; power supply; matching case; morse code
Downloads: 2,024
[texts]73 Magazine (August 1996)
73 Magazine August 1996 (#431) Build the QUAD-12 Personal DataLogger ...... N8KDO 10 Vee Antenna With Vertical Tails - A multiband antenna with low-angle radiation for the low bands ...... K0NM 16 PC Controlling Your Rig - All it takes is a few parts and a BASIC program ...... K8KWD 22 Worthy of Recognition: Hap Holly KC9RP - Blindness is a challenge for this versatile, accomplished ham ...... NZ9E 28 Simple Crystal Activity Tester - Check and match crystals for your home-brew projects ........
Keywords: antenna; radio; amateur; frequency; ham; mhz; voltage; circuit; hams; ihe; amateur radio; radio today; matching case; feedback card; ham radio; radio shack; power supply; circuit board
Downloads: 1,858
[texts]73 Magazine (April 1997)
73 Magazine April 1997 (#439) The Hale-Bopp Comet and Its Controversial Tale - Buiid the Cosmic Crystal Set and Listen in! ...... WA8YKN 10 TV/VCR Tuner Applications - The first of a three part series ...... W6WTU 18 Build a Colloidal Silver Generator - Do-it-yourself has always been at the heart of hamdom ...... WA8YKN 21 An 8088 Clock Upgrade - Recycle ...... Davis, W7RXV 27 The California Phased Array - Easy to build, easy so use-and even easier on the billfold ........
Keywords: antenna; amateur; radio; ihe; power; ham; qrp; signal; transmitter; amateur radio; radio today; morse code; ham radio; colloidal silver; power supply; power density; feedback card
Downloads: 1,967
[texts]73 Magazine (March 1996)
73 Magazine March 1996 (#426) JY74X-JY74Z: A Joint Jordanian-Israeli Operation - Our peace process dividend: DXpeditions to Amman and Mt. Nebo, celebrating the first anniversary of the "Washington Declaration" peace accords ...... 4X6KJ-JY8KJ 10 Into Orbit with the Final Phase 3 OSCAR - It's a bird! it's a plane! it's ...... WA5ZIB 16 73's, DX Dynasty Award ...... Staff 26 Simple Secondary Frequency Standard - Stay within your legal frequency ........
Keywords: radio; antenna; amateur; frequency; ham; voltage; mhz; digital; receiver; amateur radio; radio today; feedback card; power supply; matching case; flea market; case set; ham radio
Downloads: 1,882
[texts]73 Magazine (June 1998)
73 Magazine June 1998 (#453) A Pentium-Style Positive and Negative PS - Reading about new technology is great, but using it is even better! ...... N4UAU 10 The Fun Radio - or, wasn't this what attracted you to the hobby in the first place? ...... W6WTU 17 Meet the Marvelous MicroVert - A 20-inch vertical for 20 meters? ...... W4DXV 21 Home-Brew This Power Cube - First step in rebuilding your vintage RF deck ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; ham; antenna; power; mhz; june; frequency; hams; amateur radio; radio today; ham radio; feedback card; web site; air force; power supply; field day
Downloads: 2,041
[texts]73 Magazine (January 1997)
73 Magazine January 1997 (#436) The ScopeMixer - An adventure in ham radio systems integration ...... N6GKC 10 A Flexible Keyer - A weekend of investments: a lifetime of ease ...... W2GOW/7 17 Simple Mods for the Ramsey FX Transceiver Kit - Customize it! ...... N0BLX 24 Build This Receiver Pre-Amplifier - And use just about anything for an antenna ...... W9CHV 26 Rechargeable Batteries - The bottom line ........
Keywords: radio; antenna; voltage; amateur; mhz; ham; power; output; transmitter; amateur radio; radio today; ham radio; power supply; feedback card; radio shack; antennas west; local oscillator
Downloads: 1,880
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